MM Bicycles

Wheel building

Looking for the highest quality in everything we do, when it came to setting up our wheel building in-house we imported all the way from Europe, the Dutch built, Holland Mechanics wheel building machines. Close friends with Jan Peereboom from Holland Mechanics, Michael has a long history with Holland Mechanics using their machines in his other Dutch companies.

The combination of the highest quality European made robotic wheel building machinery, from a company with 40 year experience in wheel building, forging together with MM Bicycles, Taiwan’s leader in quality control, we offer to you European Quality at Asian prices.

Using MM Bicycles for your wheels, gives you plenty of options. We can build with the best Taiwan has to offer or you can supply your own rims or hubs. Alternatively if you can your own designs for rims or hubs and we can get those manufactured and branded for you before building them. There are also many options for rim tape, reflectors, tubes, tires, cassettes, roller or disc brakes all fitted.

We have a minimum order quantity of only 100 sets, with OEM or retail packaging on offer. Door to door delivery is available, and we can combine you order with any other bikes, frames or parts we are looking after for you.

16 - 28” wheels or wheel chair wheels can be run though our machines and can built with an accuracy down to +-0.1mm depending on rim quality. Our capacity for deep V rims is up to 34mm and we have special grippers for flat bladed spokes and protection for black spokes. All wheels are run through a separate ‘pre-stressing’ machine so when they get to you they are ready to hit the road.

Any questions? Please contact us we look forward to hearing from you.