MM Bicycles


We understand that the fastest bike put together out of the box is the one that is going to get the most sales, no one likes scratches, and how costly returns and reconfigurations can be for a company. That is why we get it right at our end before it comes to you.

Our assembly lines are clean and efficient. Attention to deal and quality is of the highest order. Scratched or dented frames will not pass through, all bolts are checked for tightness and packaging will ensure that everything is protected and nothing will become loose in the box. From 100 to 1,000, our quality assurances are the same.

Technical manager and head mechanic Alion Sia has years of experience in the bicycle industry and is considered a ‘master’ in his profession. Working for MM Bicycles since it’s beginning he overseas our team of assembly staff. He has a hands-on manner of teaching and is always the first and last step of assembly production for every bike that comes through MM Bicycles.

Assembly means a lot more than a line of workers to us; it is a way to create perfect products. If this your vision too, e-mail us with your thoughts we look forward to hearing from you.