MM Bicycles


We oversee the entire process, checking each part produced, for tolerances with allowances for coating and treatments, before and after heat treatments, assembly if required and packaging for OEM or retail. For every single step we are there with designs, rulers and micrometers at the ready.

Perhaps you have felt the pain of designing with standard bicycle parts, and how they affect your end design or you want to add more style or flare to your bikes with specialized parts. Perhaps you are simply paying too much to get your gear made locally. We have the knowledge to be considered the top company in Taiwan for customized parts.

We have a very diverse portfolio from standard bikes, transport bikes, e-bikes, foot scooters, recumbent bikes and trikes, injection moulded bikes.

If it can be fabricated, it is well engineered and we like it – we’ll do it!

So go ahead and get in touch with us we look forward to hearing from you.